CHAPTER 06.04: NONLINEAR REGRESSION: Exponential Model: Example: Part 2 of 2


So I'm going to assign you some homework.  What I would like you to do is I would like you to figure out what is the half-life time of technetium 99m isotope, which means that the relative intensity, when is the relative intensity half?  That's what it means when you talk about the half-life of the technetium 99m isotope.  I would like you to also find out the constants of the regression model with the one where the data is transformed, because gamma is equal to a e to the power lamda t, you can transform the gamma versus time data by taking the log of both sides, so you can take log of gamma is equal to log of a e to the power lamda t, and what you can do is you can . . . this will transform into a linear regression model . . . I shouldn't say linear regression model, the data will get transformed so that you can use the linear regression formulas to calculate what A and lamda are.  So I would like you to compare what constants you get from that model and this model.  And also, since I showed you the MATLAB program, I would like you to go ahead and use a program of your choice, or the one which you are doing in your class, whether it is Fortran, or Visual Basic, or any other computational package, packages such as MATLAB, Mathematica, Maple, and be able to write the program to find the constants of the model. And that's the end of this segment.