Kevin Martin graduated in May 2004 with a BSME degree from University of South Florida (USF) while attending the Honors College of USF.  His undergraduate thesis involved developing simulations for numerical methods of simultaneous linear equations for the NSF funded numerical methods website.  Kevin then received an MBA degree from USF in May 2006.

Kevin now is a US NAVY Officer O-1/Ensign in Naval Nuclear Power Training Command (NNPTC).  He is currently in my train up phase where he will study Naval Reactors: both the operation and the theory (Nuclear physics, engineering fundamentals etc.). After four months, he will be qualified to teach (although he is teaching physics, he must train up in all sixteen subjects taught at NNPTC, so that he may relate the concepts to other classes to keep their attention and to motivate them).  He will teach physics and hold other collateral duties at the command.

Kevin also remembers that he had to use 15 dollar nonprogrammable scientific calculators (TI-30X, NOT TI-89) in the EML3041 course.  The students at NNPTC are required to do the same thing.

Kevin plans to continue to go to graduate school to earn a degree in Nuclear Engineering.  Although the major has fallen out of favor at many universities, it is gaining ground with the present day energy crisis.

Date: September 13, 2006

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