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  • hi sir, i'm ur big big big big fan i`m teaching numerical methods subject code Math375 in LIU Lebanese international University in Yemen. Thanks a million for ur response. I don't know how a famous person like u get time to reply to me ....Firstly let me thank you for making your YouTube videos available.

  • I am a student at USC Queensland Australia nearing the end of my Numerical Analysis course for my Bach Engineering degree when I came across your website. I have been really struggling with our lecturer; although he is very good I have had trouble understanding with the way he teaches. I saw one of your videos and instantly understood what I had previously spent many many hours trying to understand without success. I am now going through all your videos and am having little difficulty solving the problems. I am now confident of getting a mark I will be proud of when I sit for the exam.

  • I'm a Computer Engineering student in the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We have a course that is very similar to Numerical Methods. It's called Computational Linear Algebra. I'm sending this e-mail to congratulate you for your excellent work with the videos, pdfs and the Numerical Methods website. I'd also like to thank you because your videos helped me to conclude the Computational Linear Algebra course.

  • When I was studying numerical methods last semester, your video lectures on YouTube were the only reason I got through the unit. Once again, thank you so much for uploading the numerical methods lecture:)! Also thank you for making it short.

  • I really learned a lot by watching your YouTube videos on the Gaussian Quadrature. I work as a Casualty Actuary and have been interested recently in collective risk modeling for insurance applications. In my work I've needed to estimate some very large complex integrals and I found your videos to be very concise and comprehensive.

  • I am writing this email to you to let you know that I have been highly inspired by the Numerical Methods material on your website: http://mathforcollege.com/nm/. I am currently teaching Numerical Computing (CS 460/560) in the Department of Computer Science, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, and have been following your material to teach my class and prepare notes/presentations. I thought I would drop in an email to you to congratulate you on your wonderful work, and your noble gesture of making this material freely available to the public and people like me, as an important web resource! - Ankur Chattopadhyay

  • Just recently I discovered your excellent web based numerical methods site and I am in awe at the outstanding job you are doing and congratulate you on the openness of this site. I actually went to the site for some polishing up in my rusty old mind on the techniques for numerical solutions to Ordinary Differential Equations. As I looked at the breadth of this curriculum I was astounded at the efforts you have put into this site. It is truly a very rich resource and you deserve every award that has been given to you. The site was such a personal temptation to me that I decided to go through it from the very beginning .......

  • I'm an Australian Undergraduate Mining Engineer. I was just writing a quick e-mail in appreciation of your work in developing an online tutorial system for Numerical Methods. Much of your course overlaps with that of ours and your site was brought to my attention by a fellow undergraduate when I was struggling with the course content and concepts. Your website was so useful that I went from being convinced I was going to fail the course to getting a final grade of 83 in the subject last semester. I understand that a significant amount of time and effort would have gone into creating such a useful resource, and I would like to thank you and any staff that aided you, for making it publicly available. I and several of my peers would not have achieved nearly as well without it.

  • I just wanted to take the time to thank-you for your lectures that you have given on numerical integration. After hours of consulting various books ...... and searching the web, to try to understand the methods and how they applied to higher order ODEs, I found your lectures gave the most clarity and have helped my theoretical physics computing project. Once again thank-you. Your lectures and website are references I will keep for the rest of my academic life.

  • just wanted to say thank you for posting your video lectures online. They have been extremely helpful to me in my studies of numerical methods at the University of Pittsburgh. It is refreshing to see a professor so committed to the spread of knowledge, rather than trying to profit from it. Thank you very much.

  • I am currently a freshman pursuing a degree in CS in a small college here in the Philippines. and I would like to say thank you for your numerical methods videos. They are a great resource for us students. Again kudos for your team's efforts.

  • I read the online version of Numerical Methods with Applications. It's really amazing. I only regret why I didn't come across such a nice and useful piece of work earlier. I am sure it will strengthen the very foundation of the required skill needed for such courses like numerical methods and calculus. Thank you so much for this work. I am going to refer your work to all my friends and known acquaintances. I also wish that you write something exclusively on calculus. Your sense and style of explanation and teaching is unique and very simple. You can attack very difficult concept quite easily. Thank you once again for this wonderful work.

  • This has been an amazing resource for me. I'm a better audio-visual learner than reading hundreds of lines of text from my textbook. The YouTube videos are just brilliant ! Thanks again!

  • I am a student, I have been using your book namely: Matrix Algebra, and Numerical Analysis. I am really satisfied. After reading your books, I am able to solve most of the problems and really have an understanding of Matrix Algebra and its Applications. Let me, thank you for the good job you have done professor; you are spreading your knowledge around the world, plus the book is free of charge.

  • I would like to thank you for the hard work and sacrifice that went into the creation of your Introduction to Matrix Algebra textbook. You truly are making a difference in the world.

  • Just found your website while looking on YouTube for video resources and thought I'd send you a quick email to say thanks for a top website. I am about to start my final year of my Maths degree and was wanting to do some revision before the semester starts and the http://numericalmethods.eng.usf.edu website is exactly what I needed.

  • Thank you for the use of your Matrix Algebra textbook. I needed to brush up on Matrix Algebra before taking a statistics course, and downloaded your textbook, which was very helpful. I thought it explained things very well, and made me feel it was easy to understand most of the concepts.

  • The material which you have released in online is really helpful for me. It's very useful to recall my math stuffs for my current projects. Many thanks and best wishes to you. I wish you success in your technical developments..... VV

  • Thanks for allowing us commoners the opportunity to understand matrix algebra. I'm determined to get my head around it this time after some failed attempts....  SE

  • Skimmed through then book on the web. I like - the use of subject trees for explanations (have never seen this in a U.S. statics, dynamics, thermo, mechanics of materials, math, kinematics/mechanisms or machine design book but have seen it extensively in corporate design review explanations in optics based industry) - the clever use of clear examples which seem sequenced perfectly and which build on each other.

  • I would like to say that i found this book very helpful in my studies and very good to prepare me for my university exams

  • Thanks for the book. I have not seriously worked with matrix algebra for close to 50 years and am now doing substitute teaching in Edmond public hi and junior high schools. It will be VERY handy!

  • I was very impressed with the resources you have made available and would like to use them in lectures I am teaching here in Southampton.

  • Thanks for doing this!

  • I will be teaching a numerical methods course in Bioengineering.  We will be using MATLAB I would like to use some of your modules in the fall.

  • Thanks. I am a non-degree Electrical Engineer and at 59 have finally decided to do something for myself, i.e., get the EE degree.  I stepped into this, so I either get buried by it or I kick it's butt. I am hoping your book will help me dig up the math I buried somewhere in the cobwebs of my overtaxed brain!

  • I visited the web-site and it is very interesting and very helpful, I plan to use in my Finite Element Analysis for undergraduates class.

  • I am teaching a first time class called "Computational methods in EE" this semester. I use MATLAB. So far there are only 5 students in class. I'd like your permission to tell my students to download your book on Matrix Algebra.

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