Holistic Numerical Methods

Transforming Numerical Methods Education for the STEM Undergraduate



Resources of Physical Problems

Do you want to follow one of physical examples given below to learn the numerical methods?  (Yes)

Chemical Engineering  How quickly does the slick spread?
Civil Engineering Stress Concentration Around a Hole
Computer Engineering Detecting edges of images
Electrical Engineering Avoiding arcing in switches
General Engineering Finding the acceleration of a rocket from its velocity.
Industrial Engineering Reliability of manufactured parts over time
Mechanical Engineering  How does the thermal expansion coefficient vary at different temperatures?
Nonlinear Equations
Chemical Engineering  A scale to measure oil in a tank
Civil Engineering

Sagging bookshelves!

Computer Engineering Divide unit missing in a supercomputer?
Electrical Engineering Checking calibration curve of a thermistor
General Engineering How much of the float is submerged?
Industrial Engineering Mom and Pop shop wants to break even
Mechanical Engineering  Trunnion cool down for a shrink fit
Simultaneous Linear Equations
Chemical Engineering  Liquid-Liquid extraction
Civil Engineering How much pressure can a compounded cylinder take?
Computer Engineering  To infer the surface shape from images
Electrical Engineering Finding the unbalance in a 3-phase load system
General Engineering Finding the velocity profile of a rocket
Industrial Engineering Maximizing the production schedule
Mechanical Engineering Find model for thermal expansion vs temperature.
Chemical Engineering  Tea time: time needed to boil the water
Civil Engineering

Tips on bass fishing

Computer Engineering Short and smoothest path for a robot
Electrical Engineering Measuring temperature by a thermistor
General Engineering Predict velocity of a rocket
Industrial Engineering Profiling a cam
Mechanical Engineering Calculating the shrinkage of a trunnion correctly
Chemical Engineering  Infrared spectroscopy
Civil Engineering Finding the longitudinal Young's moduli
Computer Engineering Extraction of road networks in images
Electrical Engineering Finding the appropriate value for the resistance
General Engineering Finding the best mousetrap for a mousetrap car
Industrial Engineering When should the machine be stopped?
Mechanical Engineering  Calculating the contraction of a trunnion
Chemical Engineering  Time required for oxygen to be consumed in the fuel cell
Civil Engineering Is the toxicity level of benzene dangerous?
Computer Engineering To infer the surfaces from vector fields
Electrical Engineering Confidence in acceptable circuit behavior
General Engineering Distance covered by a rocket
Industrial Engineering Are there as many plies of tissue paper in a roll?
Mechanical Engineering  Finding the shrinkage of a trunnion?
Ordinary Differential Equations
Chemical Engineering  Controlling sodium chloride waste while making soap.
Civil Engineering When is it safe to go back into the lake?
Computer Engineering Transient analysis of resistor-capacitor system
Electrical Engineering Sizing a rectifier-based power supply
General Engineering How much time will it take the ball to cool down?
Industrial Engineering Speed Control of DC motors
Mechanical Engineering Contracting a cylinder to shrink fit in to a hub


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